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Why You Shouldn't Buy A Real Diamond Engagement Ring


 You probably haven't heard the term "Alternative Engagement Ring" before, which is why you're here. It's pretty self explanatory but what we mean by "Alternative" is other options aside from real diamonds. Why? Simply put, because diamonds are expensive and not for everyone. We've realized some women want a less expensive option as their permanent engagement ring, and some people want an alternative in addition to their current ring. If you're still not convinced and are wondering why someone would want an Alternative Engagement Ring, here are some things that might get you thinking about one for yourself...


7 Reasons Why A Faux Diamond May Be Right for You:

1. You have other things to save up for. If you and your future spouse are trying to save for a house or are paying for your wedding yourselves, a fake diamond ring may be a great option.

2. Travelling is important to you. Maybe you'd rather have free cash that will allow you to travel as newlyweds. Don't put your dreams on hold for something you can always buy later. Experiences make more memories than possessions.

3. You lose EVERYTHING. You've never had a piece of jewelry longer than 6 months and you're constantly taking it off, unable to remember where you left it. Play it safe and don't risk losing something so expensive. If you still want a real ring, reserve it for special occasions. Wear your fake on the daily so you don't stress about dropping it down the sink when you're doing dishes.

4. You're very active. If you're constantly hitting the gym, going camping, or swimming at the lake, you may not want to be wearing an expensive item on your finger. Working out can cause a lot of wear and tear while increased activity (especially swimming!) can cause your ring to slip off without you noticing. If anything, this may be a good reason to only wear a fake when you're active and then wear your real one for the normal day to day stuff. 

5. It doesn't bother you. If you could care less about diamonds, why spend money on one? Don't let your friends or overpriced jewelers tell you that you need it. Do what is best for you. If you and your spouse have other goals or you simply don't find diamonds attractive, skip it altogether. Purchase a nice look-a-like to wear if you're out to a nice dinner or maybe you just need to get Aunt Martha off your back at the Christmas party this year. 

6. You just want to hang with the girls. Maybe you're sick of getting hit on at the bars, and you need a bigger deterrent than saying "No, thanks". Because let's be real, most guys don't take no for an answer! Get uninterrupted girl time without having the awkward conversation of turning a guy down.

7. Promise Rings. Hello?? Why do you need to buy a diamond ring before the diamond ring? Get your partner a realistic looking CZ ring to show your commitment without breaking the bank before you pop the real question. 

 At the end of the day, everyone has different preferences and a fake ring may or may not be right for you. However, if you choose to skip the real diamond, make sure your fake is still great quality so it lasts and doesn't turn your poor finger green.

So let's be honest.... For some reason or another, having a fake ring as your primary engagement ring, or even as a back up would be really convenient!

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